Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Location: Part 2 - Venues we probably can't afford

We are determined to limit the costs of this wedding.  My goal is to do both receptions and the ceremony for under $10,000!  We'll see if we can stick to it.  Keeping the budget in mind, some venues just seem out of our price range.  One is a place that was initially my dream location: Foxboro Ranch Estates.

Image credit: Foxboro Ranch Estates

I initially found Foxboro Ranch Estates through Offbeat Bride and did some searching to find some other brides who had used the facility and blogged about it.  A few weeks ago my friends Laura and Hannah went with me to the Northern Arizona Wedding Expo and we stopped at Foxboro Ranch Estates on the way home.  A very lovely lady named Lynn showed us around and also gave us the prices.
Reservation Fee: $500
Event Fee: $1500
Cleaning/Damage Deposit: $500
Security: $250

These prices are just for the space and do not include any other vendors or discounts with other vendors. It really isn't all that much comparatively but it is a bit out of our price range.  What I loved about it was the ability to have all that space.  For the price, you can have the ceremony outside on the grounds (most people use one of the bridges) as well as an indoor and outdoor reception space (the lodge seen in the photos).  You can use the facility until midnight and because there is nothing else around, there is no sound limit.  This would be great for us as we hope to have live music (courtesy of James's friends).  The location has few flaws but I have managed to talk myself out of disappointment by noting that we would really like to have a venue with lodging on site.  This is important as everyone would have to travel to the wedding venue and we will be serving alcohol and we don't want to worry about anyone driving.  I am also concerned that much of the land is set to be built on and I am worried that there will be construction equipment when we are there or that the landscape will look different than what I can now see and imagine.

A similarly priced venue that we also considered was The Arboretum at Flagstaff.  I have not actually been to this location but the pictures are beautiful!

Rental of the garden space for a ceremony and the Walter Reichardt House for the reception starts at $2400.  The problem with this venue however is that you must be done by 9 PM and there is no lodging close by.  These two things combined with the price make it a beautiful location, but not the one for us.  We are still searching though!!!!

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